Our Story

After moving to Michigan from Portland, Oregon the husband and wife team behind Damn Handsome had a thirst for craft beer was - well - unquenchable. Fortunately they had one of the largest craft beer cities right in their back yard. And after getting to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community - and the more Jarrett and Bridget learned about the craft brewing process - the more they realized so many healthy ingredients went to waste.  At the same time they also recognized that when it came to grooming products, guys got the bottom of the barrel as far as natural choices. Enter light bulb.


At Damn Handsome we value what’s useful, what is classic, well-made, hardworking and long-lasting. This is why our goal when we started Damn Handsome was - and always will be - to sustain a brand that is useful without introducing unnecessary waste into the carbon cycle.

Our motto is damn simple: Work Hard. Do Good. Stay Handsome. It's our commitment to the lives and livelihoods behind each product we produce.