Our Story

Intoxicatingly Hand Crafted Men's Grooming. All natural hop infused skin care. Partnering with craft breweries to re-purpose brewed ingredients into sustainable men’s goods since 2013.
After moving to Michigan from Portland, Oregon the husband and wife team behind Damn Handsome had a thirst for craft beer that was - well - unquenchable. Fortunately they had one of the best craft beer cities right in their back yard. After getting to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community -  the more Jarrett and Bridget learned about the craft brewing process - the more they realized how many healthy ingredients went to waste. Enter light bulb. Thanks to this duo these gold standard ingredients were destined for a new role. No longer will guys get the bottom of the barrel in natural skincare (pun intended). 
At Damn Handsome we value the classics. Products that are well-made, hardworking and long-lasting.
Our motto is damn simple: Work Hard. Do Good. Stay Handsome. It's our commitment to the lives and livelihoods behind each product we produce.