A Damn Fine Story...

Throughout history, beer has worn many different caps. It was used by the Greeks to ‘cure’ ailments such as fevers and war injuries. In Egypt it was used by upper class women - including Cleopatra herself - in multiple cosmetic and therapeutic capacities. Fast forward 4,000 years later, and scientists are thinking that just maybe…they were on to something.

As it turns out, the bottom of the barrel isn’t always so bad.

All of the hardy ingredients used to make beer taste so amazing, are just as good - if not better - for your skin. Scientific studies have confirmed that beer sediment (brewer's yeast) with its abundance of nutrients including B vitamins, pantothenic acid, biotin and vitamin b12, is a pretty impressive group. Packed full of powerful antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, oats, hops, barley & wheat are mineral-rich grains that have been linked to providing an array of benefits for everything they touch…including soap. Not to mention, every craft beer drinker knows that good hops can bring them to their knees, so we make sure to pack our products with our home grown organic cascade and centennial hops. 

You know what they say about a company with a small carbon foot print...

Approximately 90% of brewed ingredients go to waste, needless to say, we saw this as ‘untapped’ potential. We are proud to include such nutrient rich ingredients into our grooming products without creating more waste in the process. 

We believe our business has a responsibility to make our planet a little better and not a little worse. At Damn Handsome we use re-purposed and recycled materials for our packaging whenever we can. Our labels are printed on recycled paper primarily with soy ink, and we are happy to supply our liquid soap refills in re-purposed beer bottles. But maybe most importantly to you and your family, our soaps and grooming products are all natural which means they are safe for water run-off systems and good for our Earth. 

Beer can make even the most benevolent men do the most questionable of things. And we decided to make soap.

We started Damn Handsome to improve and uphold the values that are important to us as consumers and humans, including re-purposing goods, using recycled materials, and utilizing quality ingredients. Our handcrafted goods weren’t created just to become another product on the shelf…because to us, they aren't products, they are a way of living.

For more about us, visit our blog: A Beer Infused Life