Here we go... June 26 2013

When it comes to beer, most individuals are not shy about admitting their favorite activity involving this beverage is drinkning it, and rightly so! Who wouldn't?! Beer has evolved in so many ways even non-beer drinkers can find something they enjoy. But sometimes, just sometimes there comes a very brief moment... mostly as an after thought, when one asks 'What else can I do with this besides drink it?'
Well friends, this blog has been created for our fellow curious beer consumers out there. With that said, this concept should not come as a shock to anyone familiar with our website...clearly we drank a little to much beer and decided to make soap out of it!
It is no secret that Damn Handsome is a beer loving company, and we are very excited to launch this forum as a way to contribute, interact, and create awareness within the craft beer community. We have a few ideas up our sleeve...but we are also open to suggestions! How do you use your brew?!
Feel free to contact us at[email protected]